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One cannot assume one's true DNA while adopting one's environmental DNA.

All our personalities are made up of our true DNA and our environmental DNA. We cannot change our true DNA as it is who we truly are. We can change our environmental DNA by inventorying our behavior and evaluating the origin of the behavior. When we look at our reality through fresh truth we can assume our natural state and become that which we were destined to be. We are one in seven billion and our true DNA upholds this scientific truth. The more we focus on our true DNA and dispel our environmental DNA the more we can be ourselves. And knowing that we are one of a kind we can live life with less stress as we have no competition.

When asked what I do I answer, "I crawl into people's mind, help them become aware of their obstruction and help them remove their slivers. When the slivers are removed the infection goes away and one's true DNA shines through. I am committed to helping people find their true DNA and ultimate potential. Each person is individually wired and when a person is returned to their true selves, their inherent connection with the Universe is renewed, their dreams become apparent and their goals and plans become crystal clear. My clients are astonished how easy their lives become when they are striving to reach their own personal goal and not a goal seemingly forced on them by their environmental DNA. Albert Einstein once said, "
If you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things."

I have watched, over a span of more than thirty years, as people seem to self-destruct after substantial lengths of "try." People seem to forget that life requires a three dimensional approach, body, mind and spirit. One may be fragile in either body, mind or spirit and yet feel "OK." One may also seem good spiritually yet may derail as a result of manifesting old mental habits. We must stay fit physically with good nutrition and exercise. We must stay mentally stable by what we put into our minds and mentally alert through constant renewal of our thought. We must stay connected with our spiritual self. One may be able to separate oneself from God but God will never separate from us. One must find some form of spirituality or a sense of oneness for one to become complete.

As a doctor of metaphysical psychology I am certain that all in the universe is connected. Once one is tuned into the oneness of the universe there can be no lack as nothing is nothing as all is an integral part of the universe. The feeling of hopelessness is a byproduct of feeling separate from the Universe, which, although is an impossibility, is often a seemingly real illusion. As long as the Universe has purpose then we, as an integral part of the universe, also have purpose. Finding and achieving our individuality, or personal purpose, removes our feeling of separateness and fulfills our need to be part of the whole.

"Your Life is PERFECT!

Dr. Randolph W. Ek

P.S. This is the only prescription I write:-)

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