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Apithology vs. Pathology


One must stay well nourished and in good physical health in order to reach one's ultimate potential. This physical insurance of health begins with a diet specially designed with any physical handicaps or allergies taken into consideration. If one is afflicted with diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, asthma, high blood pressure, Fibromyalgia, or any other auto-immune disorder one should consider an anti-inflammatory diet. Scientists are starting to understand that our immune system has been compromised by a polluted environment and food source and an over use of prescription drugs. No matter what diet one decides on organic food should always be preferred over standard food sources as standard food sources have been chemically manipulated to allow mass production. The internet is a great source for research but one must be careful as there is tons of invalid information.

When one is afflicted with an illness one must first assume responsibility for one's own recovery and not rely on the medical profession for their recovery. Standard physicians are pathologists, they study disease. They have a clue about medicine but they don't seem to know much about health. Naturopathic physicians are apathologists. They understand that the primary instrument in staying healthy is responsibility for one's health. Health starts from within. Our body is created perfect and it is our responsibility to keep it or return it to it's perfect health. Once one knows that the enemy cannot win a war with one who is created in the image and likeness of God, one can protect themselves with great health.


The computer was designed from the human brain and as is true with the computer also is true with the human mind, "Garbage in; garbage out!" Much of what we are taught, although perhaps once true, may have long since wilted or even disappeared. To live in the NOW one must inventory ones thoughts and ideas and measure them against current truth. The best source of knowing whether an idea is true is to measure it against one's uncommon sense or spiritual sense. When a thought or idea is kept in one's mind with a request for the Universe to show us it's truth it becomes apparent. Many truths I hold are not held by the majority of society. I don't share them with everyone. I only share my ideas fully when they are requested. "Cast not pearls before swine."

For one to become great one must fill one's mind with greatness. As long as society continues to think fearfully the law of supply and demand must prevail. When we demand greatness, God must produce. It is no coincidence that as books, movies, print, etc. increase fear based and sexually explicit information, our society continues to decline. It is for this reason I am incredibly careful what I put into my mind and that I take every opportunity to pray and meditate to better meet my ultimate potential. 


Our human posture is like a sponge, where our spiritual nature is absorbed. Our human posture is the housing for both the Ego and the Soul. We must acknowledge our human nature but we must make regular contact with our spirit and keep it connected with God. There is a big difference between spirituality and religion. One is our heritage and the other is an opinion of what that heritage looks like. Most religions are more superstition than common sense. Religions that maintain a constant relationship with science seem to grow in relationship to dogmatic religions.

People feeling enriched by the religion of their choice are a lucky few. Most people are disillusioned by their religion. I have been studying religion for almost fifty years. What I have realized is that all religions are right but individually they are all incomplete. God is a diversity of aspects or facets. Religion tends to only focus on one or a few of God's aspects, while downplaying the "competition." As is with all society, if we could see our similarity instead of our differences we would get a better understanding of God.

Religion seems to pick a particular aspect of God to embellish but leaves the message limiting. Religion is slowly realizing their dilemma and making changes in order to feed souls instead of filling pews. The reality is that once religion feeds the souls of their congregation, their congregation will fill their pews. Understanding God is a feeling of fullness nothing else on this planet can compete with. Religions should return to their primary job of saving souls.

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