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I was born to a somewhat normal pair of parents. My father was a business owner, a mechanic and an active member of the community. My mother was a sweet lovable housewife. On the outside it looked much like many of the fifties family TV shows. But on the inside it was different. My father was a John Birch republican and an alcoholic and my mother was a Kennedy liberal enabler. There was significant dysfunction, creating abuse, often times violent abuse.

As a combination of DNA and the environmental insanity I became neurotic and developed symptoms of ADD, Bipolar, Schizophrenia and other forms of mental imbalance. I spent years trying to achieve my parent’s approval only to become entrenched between a rock and a hard place. Although I found great variance of opinion it wasn't until late in life when the voices in my head settled that I became open minded instead of scatter brained.

By the time I was twenty-eight I had thirty jobs in four different fields, laborer, mechanic, electronics and sales. I was also using copious amounts of alcohol to self medicate the insanity. I finally landed in an alcohol treatment center and with the help of experts, my life finally became hopeful.

After several more year, several more jobs and several more career choices I found my inner calling and decided to provide others with the professional help that so changed and improved my life. Although I constantly pursued ongoing education I embarked on a plan to achieve my goal as a professional health care professional.

I was torn between a career as a psychologist and a minister so I chose Metaphysical Psychology as I believe that God, not man, is the final answer to all questions. I chose an Apithological path instead of Pathological. I don't fight dis-ease; I empower health. I don't focus on fear; I focus on love. I don't give evil or negativity any energy; I give God or love all my energy, controlled by my thoughts.

I have learned to control my thoughts instead of living in automatic and letting my thoughts control me. I have partnered with God to achieve my ultimate potential and have dedicated my life to lead others to their optimum self. I would love for all to always remember...

Your Life is PERFECT!

Dr. Randolph W. Ek, Mpsy.D.

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