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Are you ready for an internal makeover?

A problem cannot be solved with the 
consciousness that created it. 
~ Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

I was a life coach years before it became so cliché. I have been developing my methodology over the last forty years, acquiring the knowledge and wisdom necessary in developing maximum individual potential. This arsenal of education and hundreds of case studies provides a proven program of success for all who are up for the challenge. I guarantee individual success exponentially to my client's commitment and fortitude.

Differentiating from Dr. Freud and pathological psychology, I am a follower of Dr. Carl Jung, a more apithological psychologist. Apithology is the study of health as our physical, mental and spiritual foundation and staying equally truthful with what Jung called our "shadow" or a byproduct of separation from perfection or God. The more one focuses and feeds perfect health the closer one can come in achieving it. Although I am most interested in spiritual and mental health I also see the similarity of my findings at the level of physical health. 

By mixing Apithological science and metaphysics, I help people move beyond guilt and fear and find their spiritual heredity. Perfect health can only be found in our perfect relationship with God, which can only be increased but never met in our current physical condition. This relationship is vital in an attempt to perpetuate our ultimate potential. Although I profess an allegiance to Dr. Jung, I would hope my differing views would not anger Dr. Jung in the way Dr. Jung's disagreements angered Dr. Freud.

Based on the science of Apithology, utilizing basic personality matrix science, I explore my clients personal life experiences including issues related to family of origin. We are each, individually, a byproduct of our physical DNA (the diagram of propensity we were born with) and our "environmental DNA" (decided by outside influence and our perception of life experience). The information found helps in determining the source of one's destructive and constructive habits. While constructive habits lead us to our ultimate potential, destructive habits quickly erode our awareness and preparedness to exploit the constant stream of opportunities we are confronted with. 

I combine human potential science, quantum physics, physical/spiritual law,
metaphysics and philosophy in order to help my clients find the freedom necessary for them to be themselves. As we are all equally made in God's image and likeness we are born into greatness and have developed shortsightedness into our spiritual heritage. Once this heritage is re-engaged one develops tremendous intention. 

Much has been written about intention but intention separated from action eventually corrodes into a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness, which over time becomes a mental dilemma and eventually clinical. My process starts with finding one's true self. Most of us have settled for a form of "Political Correctness" instead of the one in 7 Billion our DNA declares us to be.

If you think you may be capable of much more than you have allowed yourself to be, or if you just want to be happier, please contact me NOW and always remember...

Your Life is PERFECT!

Dr. Randolph W. Ek, Mpsy.D.

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