Aligning Mind, Body & Spirit 





Rx for success:

Action without intent is mere motion.

A job is a way to build a paycheck. A career is a way to build a life.

A person cannot achieve their ultimate potential through deflection of their responsibilities.

Believing in miracles is proof of our limited faith. When miracles are expected they become everyday occurrences.

Criticism without cure is criminal.

Due to the law of Cause and Effect, life is not without consequences.

Ego dedicates us to me, while the Soul dedicates us to we.

Faith is the discipline; trust is the reward.

God does not
DO for people or to people, he DOES through people.

God doesn't punish people. God challenges people.

Great Communications requires one to be 200% responsible. First, one must be 100% responsible in communicating one’s thoughts to others and secondly one must be 100% responsible in taking the time to understanding the thoughts of others.

Happiness is inherently in us, therefore it cannot be found, it can only be realized.

Holding a truth in light of evidence of its violation is ignorance.

Hope is merely the first step in the building of trust as it must be followed with action.

Humankind's insatiable appetite can only be satisfied by contact with God.

Infinite probability by means of infinite possibility through infinite versatility
with limited irritability truly defines our infinite capability.

Imagination is the first step toward a new reality. 

It is our perception that must align itself with the greatness of life instead of trying to force life into our perception.

I would rather die penniless, graced with friends, family, and my integrity, than to die on a mountain of money having no one to share it with.

Love is an exercise for the heart.

Love is not an emotion; it is a connection.

Dr. Ek only writes one prescription:

Make today the best day EVER!

Repeat DAILY!
Refills UNLIMITED!!!

Most human activity is fueled by outdated information.
My ego cannot provide my needs; only God can do that. My ego only has the ability to provide the illusion of need.
Often it is not what is written, but the viability of its interpretation, that distinguishes its practicality.

Our lives do not create our attitude; our attitude creates our life.

Plans are the instructions that come in our box of dreams.

Problems are like piñatas. They are filled with opportunity. Swing hard!

Poverty is not a condition; it is a mindset.

Random thoughts fill a muffled mind.

Respect is something you cannot own until you earn.

The human mind is second only to God in being the most amazing thing in the universe.

Spirituality is our perpetual inner lust for reconnecting with our Universal Common Spirit, which I call God.

Spiritual surrender isn't giving up power. It is binding limited personal power with unlimited spiritual power.

The only losers are quitters.

The only vital emotions are wonder and awe.

The primary materials required in the construction of our success is obtained through our failures.

There is not enough wisdom in the universe to convince our Ego of God and none necessary for our Soul.

To insure great esteem and guarantee success we must never abandon our integrity.

We were born with everything necessary in realizing our destiny.

We will never silence spiritual appetite with anything less than God.
When focused in our conscious mind we can only experience. Judgment happens when we retreat to our subconscious mind, retrieving beliefs we have fabricated from past experiences and comparing them to our current experience.

Without God, the universe is merely darkness.

Worry is the origin of every failure

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