AdChem: Qualifying your Raw Chemical Supplier


Sourcing raw materials is vital to the development of new drugs and choosing the wrong ones can break the chances of successful commercialization. This makes it important to pick a reliable and trustworthy supplier who is willing to build a solid relationship with your company. This increases the chances of reducing impurities and meeting project timelines. The right supplier of raw materials for chemical manufacturing invests in adhere to current good manufacturing practices and supplier consistent quality and safety of raw materials.

What to Expect when you Choose Unqualified Suppliers?

An issue in the supply chain can prevent the product from meeting demand due to a lack of quality raw materials. Also, it can make it necessary to stop and amend clinical trials, or delay programs when quality control issues are raised by the FDA. AdChem is a chemical supplier that offers direct same-day distribution to laboratories in California, Southern Oregon, and Colorado. The company has a proprietary in-house interior cylinder cleaning method to guarantee uncompromised purity levels. By choosing the supplier, laboratories and businesses will always have consistent supplies of the raw materials they need.

How to Qualify Suppliers of Raw Chemicals

Below are some ways to properly qualify suppliers of raw chemicals necessary for chemical manufacturing:

  • Ask the supplier to complete a questionnaire. Before you choose a supplier, let your prospects complete a questionnaire that must offer significant details to help you make an initial assessment of their suitability and compliance. Ensure the questions address source and quality raw materials, process efficiencies, and evidence of existing quality systems.

  • Visit the site for evaluation. You will want to carry out on-site quality audits of the facilities, quality systems, and operations of the supplier. If this is not possible, you can ask the supplier to provide with recent evidence of a quality system inspection performed by a regulatory body.
  • Ask about their package sizes. A 50-gallon drum might be too heavy or too large to store between manufacturing runs. A good chemical manufacturer works with you to produce packaging solutions that meet the needs of your process. Whether you need 10-galloon drums or small tins, your supplier should be able to find a way.
  • Ensure the company has industry experience. You want a supplier that regularly works with your industry. This ensures the company has experience dealing with the kind of raw materials you need and can provide you with advice when you have trouble choosing the right materials.
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