How an Order-Taking Service can Improve Your Sales Results


Growing a business is all about making sure you look after your customers. The bottom line is that you want to sell your products and services to as many people as possible. Depending on the type of products and services that you sell, you also want to build repeat custom and grow your customer base exponentially over time. There are different ways to go about this and creating the perfect ordering process for your company should be discussed as early as possible in the story of your business. For many companies, selling products over the phone, via a website, or in person will get you so far alone, but at some point as you grow, it might be important for you to expand the service and to implement an effective order-taking service that runs in line with the nuances and processes within each department of your business.

There are countless examples of even the biggest brand names coming unstuck and suffering reputational damage due to poor order processes that leave customers high and dry. Telephone ordering is still one of the most popular channels for businesses to undertake an order service to sell its products and services to customers. Having access to a professional team of contact centre agents to look after this aspect of your business allows your internal staff to focus on creating the best products and services and to continually improve what you can offer.

With a good order-taking service, everything can improve for your business. It ensures that all customers are looked after and never left behind. You can check trends and specific customer information to ensure that your stock is regularly checked, and you are never left short of supply when looking at the demand of your customers. It also ensures that the relevant information is passed to the relevant departments. A smooth order-taking servicer transmits to the rest of the organisation, increasing efficiencies and increasing sales and profits as a direct result.

The high level of customer engagement increases brand awareness and customer satisfaction, and the best thing about outsourcing to an experienced call centre team to look after your order-taking service, is that you have a scalable option to help with demand. At busy times of the year you can scale up, and easily scale back when you need to. This helps to have tighter control over cashflow as you grow your business.

Understanding the importance of an order-taking service for your business could push you past the obstacles you are facing as you attempt to grow and into the next phase of growing your business. There are contact centre services with teams of professional customer service agents who can act on behalf of your company and brand. They can run the order-taking service and ensure that your company can look after the supply and demand ratios of your customers and products, that the correct departments are given the correct ordering information at the correct time and that the whole ordering process is smooth and simple. A good order-taking service helps you to grow brand consistency and retain greater numbers of customers over time.

Seanan Karl
the authorSeanan Karl