Preparing items for long term storage


If you don’t want your items to be thrown all over the extra space, then you need to prepare them well. Preparing items properly for long storage could be the best way of to ensure that you can keep them in a condition which is tip-top. You can handle that by doing some of the below:

Read about the restrictions and rules

Your storage company likely should be having a list of restrictions and rules when it comes to the usage of storage units. Ensure to read up on what is and what is not allowed before you put items in storage you can ensure that your chemicals, fireworks and other items which are hazardous items are not allowed in the storage unit. Anything which was flammable is a big no, as it is the same as a perishable food.

Take inventory of what belongs to you

If you are planning to leave items in the storage unit for a very long term, you are going to need to create a detailed list of inventory of all belongings. Otherwise, you will end up forgetting what you left in the storage. It is recommended that you write everything down, taking pictures for purposed of insurance. Save the photos and the list of inventories in a place where you will not end up to lose your belongings.

Seanan Karl
the authorSeanan Karl