Research Funding In Singapore – The Land Of Opportunities


There is a reason why several international companies choose Singapore as the venue to start their R&D on new projects. International firms often see Singapore as an ideal destination for research. Why is that so?

The competitive culture

Through channels such as the National Research Foundation and collaborative programmes such as the SIIRD, Singapore has fostered a competitive research culture. Getting a Singapore research funding is a breeze for companies that fulfil the necessary pre-requisites. The local pool of talent bustles with youthful energy and passion for research. Singaporeans are not afraid to venture into lesser-known paths.

The strategic location

Singapore has a strategic location and is well-connected to all the major international business hubs by air or by land. Singapore’s Changi International Airport is ranked number one in the world. Not to forget, the fact that it hosts the second busiest port in the world.

Conducive policies

Apart from the location and local attitudes towards research, another important factor is the conducive policies. A nation’s politics decides whether or not it reaches its full research potential. In Singapore, the economy is one of the least corrupt in the region. It is known for its stable environment that makes it one of the most desired countries for R&D in the Asia Pacific region.

Seanan Karl
the authorSeanan Karl