Tips – How to Start a Professional Organizing Business


Things To Know When Starting A Professional Organizing Business

Do You Find Yourself Going To Your Friends Or Family’s Homes To Organize Their Mess? Does Your Brother Call You When He Needs Help Decluttering His Home Office? Or then again Perhaps Your Mom Tempts You With Her Tasty Baked Apple Pies In Exchange For Tidying The Kitchen Pantry? In the event that This Sounds Like You, Then Chances Are – You Have A Talent Suited For A Professional Organizer! One Of The Wonderful Aspects Of Starting A Professional Organizing Business Is The Minimal Costs Involved.

Proficient Organizers Aren’t Required To Have Years Of Formal Training Rather An Uncanny Skill For Establishing Useful Systems And Order In Peoples Homes And Office Spaces.If You Are Looking To Start Your Own Professional Organizing Business, Here Are A Few Useful Tips To Get You Started:

1. Set up Your Business Legally: The Most Important Step In Starting Any Business Is Legal Set-Up. Because of The Nature Of A Professional Organizing Business, This Step Should Be Relatively Simple And Quick. It Will Be Important To Research The State Tax Requirements For Your Business Type. You Will Also Want To Inquire About Any Insurance Needs As Well. Regardless of whether Your State Does Not Mandate Business Insurance For Professional Organizers, You Should Consider Purchasing Liability Insurance, Heavens Forbid You Break An Antique While Organizing A Client’s Home.

2. Set up Your Online Presence: Waste No Time In Purchasing Your Domain Name And Building Your Website.Although You May Be Tempted To Spend A Ton Of Money On A Fancy Webpage Design, It Isn’t Necessary. There Are Many Template Services That Allow Easy Set Up – You Can Have Your Site Up And Running In A Matter Of Hours. Utilizing WordPress As Your Site’s Platform Is Also Another Inexpensive Option To Explore. There Are Literally Hundreds Of Free WordPress Themes (Templates) That Are Easy To Install.

3. Decide Your Target Demographic: The Key To Effective Marketing Is To Focus On Your Target Demographic. Is it true that you are Going To Market Your Services To Families, Busy Professional Singles, Small Businesses? The Answer To This Will Help You Navigate The Best Advertising Approach. In the event that You Intend To Market Your Services Towards Families, You Will Want To Place Advertisements In Places Like Super Markets, Daycare Centers And Schools. For Busy Professionals You May Choose To Advertise At Local Gyms, Lounges And Meeting Places.

4. Fabricate Your Portfolio: When Courting Potential Clients You Will Need A Professional Portfolio To Display Your Work. This Portfolio Should Include Before And After Photos Of The Work You’ve Done, Examples Of Your Methods, Systems And Literature About Your Services. Building An Adequate Portfolio Will Likely Require That You Organize Several Homes Free Of Charge In Exchange For Permission To Use These Photos In Your Book. This Will Give You An Opportunity To Hone In On Your Skill While Developing Your Client Interaction.

5. Set Your Price Model: As A Professional Organizer There Will Be Times When You Will Charge Per Hour And Other Instances Where You Will Charge Per Job. $35 To $50 Per Hour Is The Going Rate For Professional Organizers – The Greater Your Experience, The Higher Your Rate.

The Job Of An Organizer Goes Beyond Clearing Clutter – In Many Ways You Will Also Be A Teacher And A Psychologist. There Are Varying Degrees Of Disorganization, Messier Homes Are Often An Underlying Symptom To A Larger Problem. Your Role Will Be Most Pivotal In Identifying That Problem And Providing Solutions To Overcome Them.

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