Trusted supplier of PPE Singapore for the delivery of safety products and equipment


Uvex is a trusted supplier of safety products such as helmets, glasses, hearing protection, and respiratory protection. Uvex is known as one of the safest platform for buying these products. All these equipment comes under the PPE [ Personal Protective Equipment].

Major protective equipment

  • Safety glasses- it has unique and exceptional designs that provides the maximum comfort and outstanding protection. You can even get the product in international designs with complete safety measures. Glasses are UV protected and best for forestry work.
  • Hearing protection- they provide reliable hearing protection of disposable earplugs that are even foldable and protect your ears from noise.
  • Respiratory protection- uvex provide different classes for respiratory protection such as FFP1, FFP2, or FFP3.
  • Safety gloves- safety gloves protect against the mechanical risks that are included in the right solution for every application.

Uvex respiratory expert system

They consist of personal navigator system that provide you the knowledge regarding respiratory protection, practical tips associated with and the legal frameworks. PPE Singapore will give a wide variety of international products as well. You will get premium quality products that has been issued under the Health & Safety policies of Singapore.

Seanan Karl
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