What to Expect when You Invest in a Chocolate Enrobing Machine


The chocolate enrobing process uses a “waterfall” of chocolate to offer a mouth-watering coating of chocolate on products like chips, pretzels, popcorn, peanuts, and cookies. The coating can be made up of milk, white, or dark chocolate. During the process, the product is covered with a curtain of chocolate. Its bottom is also coated by passing over a pool of chocolate.

Advanced enrobing operations feature lines supported by topnotch tempering systems. These systems can offer ideal enrobing conditions for a range of centers. Also, a chocolate enrobing machine can be custom-built to handle wash down changeovers to ensure proper control of allergens.

The Advanced Chocolate Enrobing Process

The chocolate enrobing process makes a waterfall of chocolate to be used for coating products with chocolate by passing them under the waterfall. The enrobing process begins with chocolate tempering in the tempering units. Once tempered, the chocolate is pumped to the enrobing machine and distributed across the feed. Excess chocolate falls through a wire mesh conveying belt for another round into the waterfall.

An enrobing machine has a thin rotating rod known as a detailer. It is meant to rotate counter to the product flow, so the product that exits the enrober won’t have a tail.

When enrobing is completed, the product passes into the cooling tunnel. This tunnel comes with a counter-current airflow to ensure the chocolate tempering process is not shocked. This kind of airflow lets the cocoa butter crystals to set up in a consistent way with a finished product that has a perfect set and fine gloss. The tunnel’s speed varies with its load.

Why Invest in a Chocolate Enrober?

Chocolate enrobers are the ideal solution if you are looking to add chocolate-enrobed candies to your product offerings; however, do not have the production capacity. You can find reliable manufacturers of this type of machine has been actively engaged in candy co-making for decades. They will work closely with you to make, develop, market, and distribute your product. Also, they can provide customized contract candy solutions like different kinds of chocolate for enrobing.

Moreover, the enrobing market has companies that accommodate your private-label candy-making needs for chocolate enrobing. Their significant experience working with both regional and national retailers and other confectionery and snack entities let them speed up product-to-launch times while making sure you provide the highest-quality private-label product. Their customized private-label candy-making services are also designed to empower you to meet your profit margin goals. The presence of these dependable companies itself is good enough to invest in a quality enrober from them.

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